Assignment Schedule & Readings

Readings must be completed by the start of class on the days indicated below.


The Book

 Week 1  What is a Book?
T Jan 13 Introductions
Th Jan 15 Danielewski, The Familiar Vol. 1, pp. 1-72
By end of week: The Silent History: read Prologue + the first 5 Testimonies (through 1.5 / p. 27)  Note: The first number refers to the iPad numeration; the second refers to the page number in the print edition.
 Week 2  The Signiconic
T Jan 20 The Familiar Vol. 1, pp. 72-325
Th Jan 22 The Familiar Vol. 1, pp. 325-425
This week Silent History: Read 10 Testimonies (through 3.5 / p. 61). Your goal is to read 1-2 Testimonies a day, every day; this will give a sense of what it was like to encounter the text as it was originally serialized
 Week 3  Genre and Format
T Jan 27 The Familiar Vol. 1, pp. 425-675
Th Jan 29 Finish The Familiar Vol. 1
F Jan 30 Due by 11:59 pm: Blog Posts on The Familiar
This week Silent History: Read 10 Testimonies (through 5.5 / p. 97)




 Week 4  Interactivity
T Feb 3 Gretchen Henderson, Galerie de Difformité
Hayles, “Print is Flat, Code is Deep: The Importance of Media-Specific Analysis” (Canvas)
Th Feb 5 Henderson, Galerie de Difformité
Sun Feb 8 Due by 11:59 pm: Reflective Analysis
This week Silent History: Read 10 Testimonies (through 7.5 / p. 143)
 Week 5  Navigation
T Feb 10 Jason Shiga, Meanwhile
Th Feb 12 Watch Shelley Jackson’s traversal of her hypertext novel Patchwork Girl (Part 1 and Part 2; you are welcome to watch parts 3 and 4, but this is not a requirement) 

J. Yellowlees Douglas, “I have Said Nothing

This week Silent History: Read 10 Testimonies (through 9.5 / p. 193)
 Week 6  Attention, Distraction, and Passivity
T Feb 17 Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries, “DAK0TA” and “RAIN ON THE SEA
Th Feb 19 William Poundstone, Project for Tachistoscope [Bottomless Pit]
F Feb 20 Due by 11:59 pm: Media-specific analysis
This week Silent History: Read 10 Testimonies (through 11.5 / p. 229)
 Week 7  Fiction Beyond Text
T Feb 24 Jessica Anthony and Rodrigo Corral, Chopsticks
Th Feb 26 Donna Leishman, RedRidingHood
This week Silent History: Read 10 Testimonies (through 13.5 / p. 279)
 Week 8 Playing Fiction
T Mar 3 Abrams and Dorst, S., pp. i-88
Th Mar 5 Abrams and Dorst, S., pp. 88-126
This week Silent History: Read 10 Testimonies (through 15.5 / p. 317)
T Mar 10Th Mar 12 No Class This WeekRead Abrams and Dorst, S., 126-426Silent History: Read 15 Testimonies (through 18.5 / p. 384)




Week 10 Transmedia
T Mar 17 Abrams and Dorst, S. 126-426
Th Mar 19 Abrams and Dorst, S. 426-endSpend at least three hours exploring transmedia extensions of S.:J. J. Abrams’ S. trailerJen and Eric on Twitter

The S. Files



This Week Silent History: Read 10 Testimonies (through 20.5 / p. 427)
Week 11 Mobile Media
T Mar 24 Simogo (Simon Flesser and Magnus Gardebäck), Device 6Erik Loyer, Strange Rain

Note: This week’s readings will be available on iPad, which students will be able to borrow from Weber State

Th Mar 26 Simogo, Device 6
Su Mar 29 Due by 11:59 pm: Literary Analysis Paper
This Week Silent History: read through for Tuesday’s assignment
Week 12 Mobile Media, continued
T Mar 31 Eli Horowitz et al., The Silent History (through 23.5 / p. 483)
Th Apr 2 Finish The Silent HistoryRead two Field Reports from Cambridge, Massachusetts (on Canvas)Friedman, “Silent History Field Reports: My Experience in Richmond, VA
Week 13 Other Digital Platforms
T Apr 7 Twitter: David Mitchell, “The Right Sort
Th Apr 9 UPDATED: “I Work For the Web: a netprov”


 Week 14 Collaborative Narrative
T Apr 14 UPDATED: “I Work for the Web: a netprov” continued

  • Sign up for Twitter
  • Tweet at least once to contribute to the netprov–making sure to use the #IWFW hashtag. (All tweets need to be posted by Monday, April 13th.)
  • Follow the #IWFW hashtag through Monday night on Twitter to see how the narrative develops.
Th Apr 16 UPDATED:

Transliteracies Research Report by Nicole Strosielski: “CaveWriting and the CAVE Simulator

Noah Wardrip-Fruin, Josh Carroll, Robert Coover, Shawn Greenlee, Andrew McClain, and Benjamin “Sascha” Shine, Screen

Week 15 Collaborative Narrative, Continued

Jeremy Douglass, Juan B. Gutierrez, Jeremy High, Mark C. Marino, and LisaAnne Tao, The LA Flood Project:

-Explore the “Emergency Simulation”: Read the timeline and browse the Twitter archive

-Go to “Fictional Narrative” and read at least 5 points on the map

-Explore at least five “Oral Histories

Th Apr 23 DUE in class: Deformance Reflections and Conclusions
F April 24 DUE by 11:59 pm to Canvas: Manifesto + 3 images of your Deformance